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Our Story

I have always had a passion for photography from a young age when I had purchased my first camera. From then I went on to start a small business in Texas where I had did photography for locals. Now that I have moved close closer to my family near Philadelphia, I have photographed the many countries I visited along with events for my family like Prom and dances. My nephew had got me interested in photographing abandoned buildings along with exploration, finally I have reconnected to my roots and would like to photograph again for people and their various occasions. 

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Nicole Smith

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After picking up her first camera the age of 20 and minoring in photogrpahy, Nicole has not put a camera down. She a passion for film, building her own cameras, potrait photography and pet photography. Her instictual eye can see through the lens, creating images that are impactful. 


Photographer 1


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Taking an instinctive approach, he enjoys photographing the unconventional stuff and offering a different perspective to typically imperfect realities. 

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